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BOPP Film (Dielectric Film in High Voltage Power Capacitor)

DDN supplies BOPP capacitor films for high voltage power capacitor manufacturing enterprises. These films are suitable for HV, EHV, and UHV power and transmission applications in any country. The voltage range of our capacitor films is -1100KV~1100KV. The thickness of these BOPP films ranges from 6um to 23um.

Size Parameter:
Thickness: 6~23μm
Width: 30mm~920mm
External diameter of film roll (mm): ≤300
Internal diameter of film roll core (mm): 76
The BOPP film meets the requirements of IEC standards and GB standards.

Detail Parameters:
Both side hazy polypropylene film Production Date:3,July.2017
Spec:9u (By weight method) Test date:3,July.2017
Testing Temperature(℃):23 Relative Humidity(%):55
Batch No.:17A-285
Standards: GB/T 13542.3-2006 and Internal Control Standard
Serial No. Testing Item Unit Standard requirement Test result Item estimation
1 Average thickness µm 9 8.99 Qualified
2 Thickness- deviation Average deviation of each batch of BOPP film % ±2 -0.1 Qualified
Max value in each batch of BOPP film µm 9.20 Qualified
Min value in each batch of BOPP film µm 8.9 Qualified
3 Tensile strength MD MPa ≥120 153.8 Qualified
TD ≥200 251.5 Qualified
4 Elongation of break MD % ≥100 127.8 Qualified
TD ≥30 45.7 Qualified
5 Thermal shrinkage (120℃15min) MD % ≤4.0 3.45 Qualified
TD ≤1.0 0.8 Qualified
6 Dielectric strength (by 50 point electrode method) Average V/µm ≥450 550 Qualified
Min ≥400 504 Qualified
7 Dielectric constant 48-62Hz 2.2±0.2 2.25 Qualified
8 Dielectric loss factor tgδ 48-62Hz ≤2.0×10-4 0.98×10-4 Qualified
9 Volume resistivity ρv Ωm ≥1.0×1015 2.8×1015 Qualified
10 Surface roughness AK µm 0.40±0.20 0.277 Qualified
CR 0.253 Qualified
11 Space factor % 10±2.0 8.6 Qualified
12 Weak point Piece ≤0.1 0 Qualified
Inspecting Dept QC Dept. Conclusion All items comply with the requirements of standard
Inspector S.W.XIA Verified By TIGER LV

The BOPP films are packaged in a tray. The outside of the package is wrapped with a film, while the internal films are protected by three waterproof and dustproof layers. Package transport and stevedoring are all mechanized.

Ningbo Great Southeast Wanxiang Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. supplies BOPP capacitor films with superior dielectric properties. DDN has employed four BOPP capacitor film automatic production lines from Bruckner company (Germany) featuring excellent performance in winding capacity, dielectric breakdown strength and saturating properties. Additionally, DDN is equipped with stable production lines ensuring large annual output and JIT delivery. We also utilize highly advance testing instruments and professionals to guarantee the rate of BOPP capacitor films.

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