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Metallized BOPP Film

  • High voltage pulse capacitors

Our metallized BOPP packing films are aluminized using an aluminum and zinc Leybold high vacuum coating machine from Germany. These metalized films are used in capacitors, which are widely applied in LED lighting, special motors, wind power generation, solar power generation, high speed locomotive, and high voltage pulse systems. The thickness of our metalallized BOPP films range from 2μm to 12μm.

Size Parameter:
Thickness: 2.0~12μm
Width: 7mm~150mm
External diameter of film roll: ≤350
Internal diameter of film roll core: 75±1 mm
The metallized BOPP film meets the requirements of IEC standards and GB standards.

Test Certificate of MPP Film
Type: MPPAZR 7uX30mmX2.0mm Customer
Order No.: Date: 8,Aug.2017
Base Film MPP FILM
Type DDN-MP Metal Layer Qualified
Thickness 6.77u Metal Layer Adhension Qualified
Surface Qualified
Density (g/cm3) 0.905 Resistance of Active Area ( Ω/□) min 7 Ω/□
Shrinkage(%) 120℃ 15min MD ≤4.5 max 7.8 Ω/□
Resistance of Reinforced Area ( Ω/□) min 2.1 Ω/□
TD ≤1.0 max 2.7 Ω/□
Tensile strength (Mpa) MD ≥140 Charging Voltage (VDC/um) 58
TD ≥200 Width of Film(mm) min 29.96 mm
max 30.07 mm
Dielectric strength (VDC/um) 500 Margin (mm) min 2.0 mm
max 2.1 mm
Dielectric loss factor tg δ 23 ± 2℃ 48-62Hz ≤2.0×10-4 Film OD (mm) min 228 mm
max 233 mm
Inspector: DingGuoliang Verified By: Baichun Yuan Result:Qualified
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