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Holographic PET Film

DN501 holographic PET films are produced with an ultrathin slice and thickness of less than 0.1mm. The surface of the holographic films are coated with a special information layer with a holographic embossing process directly applied to this layer. During the embossing process, a 3D effect and rainbow coloring or images can be created on the PET, BOPP, PVC or coating of basic resin material. This holographic PET film is widely used for the multi-layer packaging material.

Technical Parameter:
Properties Unit Typical value Test Method
Thickness μm 13 16 19 ASTM D347
Tensile Strength MD N/mm2 220 220 220 ASTM 882
TD N/mm2 210 210 210
Elongation at Break MD % 110 110 110
TD % 120 120 120
Thermal Shrinkage 30Minute at 150℃ MD % 1.6 1.6 1.6 ASTM D1204
TD % 0 0 0
Haze % 2.5 2.5 2.5 ASTM D1003
Light Transmittance % 88 88 88
Wetting Tension Coating Side MN/m 48 48 48 ASTM D2578
No Coating side MN/m 56 56 56

The above data is the typical data of the product, which is for reference only rather than guaranteed value.

Structure of Holographic PET films:
A: Holographic layer(coating side)
B: PET film
C: Anti-adhesion layer

1. Holographic PET dielectric films

The PET film is widely used in anti-counterfeiting labels of the products, such as medicine boxes, wine boxes, cosmetics boxes, toothpaste boxes, soap boxes, gift boxes, notebook covers and more.

2. Aluminizing metalized holographic PET films
The aluminizing metalized holographic PET film is available for planographic printing, gravure, flexographic printing and other printing methods, allowing for widespread usage. Just a few of these applications include flexible packaging, wrapping paper, gift wrappings, lamination, printing, labels and decoration, holographic anti-counterfeiting and holographic embossing.

3. Rainbow holographic PET films
Colors on rainbow holographic PET films are a result of the diffraction of normal white light that is then split into red, yellow, blue, purple and other colors. Special colors will change when viewing the film at different angles, and the film can also be laminated to turn it into different types of materials, including paper, plastic and leather-like materials. After a combination process of embossing, gold stamping and printing, more images are created with a variety of colors. This PET film is widely used in accessories, wrapping paper, gift boxes and more.

4. Transparent holographic PET films
The holographic transparent PET film is applicable for lamination of paper products, flexible packaging, audiovisual products, clothing bags and so on. In doing so, the holographic image on the PET film will have no dielectric layer overlaid, ensuring a better visibility.

5. Holographic transfer films
The holographic transfer film can be laminated and printed onto copper plates, ivory boards and white boards, all of which are great materials for holograms. This PET film is also widely used for laminating paper products such as medicine boxes, wine boxes, gift boxes, books, magazines, paper boxes and so on. The packaging film can also be used as lamination of high end anti-counterfeiting labels.

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