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    1. Holographic PET Film
    2. Holographic PET FilmDN501 holographic PET films are produced with an ultrathin slice and thickness of less than 0.1mm. The surface of the holographic films are coated with a special information layer with a holographic embossing process directly applied to this layer.
    1. Heat Seal BOPET Film
    2. Heat Seal BOPET FilmDN502 Heat seal BOPET films are produced using an ultrathin slice with one side of the film extruded using polyester widely used for heat sealing. The BOPET film has an excellent surface smoothness and heat sealing performance, making it ideal for use in PET flexible packaging films, composite thermal board material packaging film and more.
    1. Clear BOPET Film
    2. Clear BOPET FilmThis BOPET film is known for its outstanding surface smoothness and thermal stability, making it applicable to aluminum coating films with a high requirement for light transmittance and brightness, mobile protection films, computer protection films, aluminum advertising coating films and more.
    1. Silicone Coated Polyester Release Film
    2. Silicone Coated Polyester Release FilmThis kind of BOPET release film is widely used as a one side film coated release film, two sided coated release film, antistatic release film, hard coat release film and other release film types. These films are also widely used as transparent trademark films, protection films, and ceramic resin release films in the electronics industry, and separator films in electronics.
    1. BOPET Release Film
    2. BOPET Release FilmThe PET release films are widely used as silicone coated release base films. Featured separative thin film on the surface, it's produced using plastic film, like PET, PE, OPP which is undergo plasma treatment, fluoride treatment or silicone agent coating on the surface layer of the substrate film.
    1. Cigarette Pack Hologram Transfer PET Film
    2. Cigarette Pack Hologram Transfer PET FilmDN606 antistatic cigarette pack hologram transfer PET films are made from premium quality raw material with an outstanding static resistance, excellent smoothness, high thermal stability, great coating properties and a great transferability. This transferable PET film is commonly used in high-end hologram transfer PET films and cigarette transfer PET films.
    1. Light Diffuser BOPET Film
    2. Light Diffuser BOPET FilmDN609 light diffuser BOPET films are manufactured using optical polyester slices in extremely clean and neat environments, which translates into a superior cleanliness, optical uniformity, optical definition, high transmittance, excellent smoothness, high thermal stability and great coating properties.
    1. BOPET Printing Lamination Film
    2. BOPET Printing Lamination FilmDN610 antistatic BOPET printing lamination films are manufactured using advanced technology and a special slice, giving them an outstanding antistatic property, excellent thermal stability, great smoothness and a special double corona treatment.
    1. Translucency Solar Photovoltaic Cell BOPET Film
    2. Translucency Solar Photovoltaic Cell BOPET FilmE510 white translucency solar photovoltaic cell BOPET films have outstanding mechanical properties, excellent electrical insulation, excellent resistance to water vapor, superior heat and humidity resistance, good tear resistance and a great coating property.
    1. BOPET Photovoltaic Solar Cell Back Film
    2. BOPET Photovoltaic Solar Cell Back FilmE511 white light-proof films are produced using an advanced manufacturing process, and are known for their superior mechanical property, excellent electrical insulation, excellent resistance to water vapor, superior heat and humidity resistance, good tear resistance and coating property and other advantageous features.
    1. E802 BOPET Film
    2. E802 BOPET FilmE802 white BOPET films are produced with different transmittance and white visibility ranges. This film is known for its superior smoothness, thermal stability and coating property, which makes it ideal for use as a substrate for digital inkjet, labels, advertisement printing and more.
    1. Thermal Transfer Ribbon PET Film
    2. Thermal Transfer Ribbon PET FilmTTR421 thermal transfer ribbon PET films feature an excellent mechanical performance, smoothness, deflection, winding properties, thermal stability and coating properties.

DDN supplies a variety of BOPET films, including heat seal BOPET film, transfer BOPET film, matt films, release BOPET films, EVA films and more in order to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements.