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EVA Film (Solar Cell Encapsulation Film)

Our company has introduced 3 EVA film production lines from internationally known manufacturers in Italy, as well as related manufacturing processes and formulas from Europe. Utilizing these advantages, we have independently developed advanced, high performance solar cell encapsulation films and applied for a national patent for this film. Our annual output of this EVA film generally reaches 120 million square meters.

Product Description:
The solar cell encapsulation film's main material is EVA (Ethyl-Vinyl Acetate). In the heat extrusion molding process, different additive agents will be added to the EVA. The EVA film is then easy to cut at normal temperatures, making it ideal for cutting to size for solar cell encapsulation.

In the process of encapsulation, the EVA films is firstly cut into the suitable size and placed in the aluminum alloy frame by the sequence of glass, EVA film, solar cell, EVA film and back panel. Then, all the material should be heated and pressurized in a laminating machine and then vacuumized. Finally, they should be stored in a curing oven with a constant temperature for a period time.

Size parameter:
Width: 200~2100mm
Thickness: 0.3~0.8mm

Technical Parameter:
Item Testing standard Unit Value
vinyl acetate content GB/T29848-2013 mass fraction /% 28-32
light transmittance (wavelength 380-1100nm) GB/T 2410-2008 % ≥91
degree of crosslinking GB/T29848-2013 % ≥85
tensile strength GB/T13022-91 MPa ≥18
elongation at break % ≥500
peeling strength EVA/ glass peel strength GB/T2790 N/cm >60
EVA/rear panel peel strength N/cm >50
contraction percentage GB/T29848-2013 % <3.0
breakdown strength of voltage GB/T1695-2005 kV/mm ≥28.0
volume resistivity GB/T 1410-2006 Ω·cm >1.0×1015
anti-ultraviolet test 
(280nm~400nm, 1000h, 60kWh/m2)
GB/T19394-2003 peel strength of glass and film, N/cm >40
Yellowness index <2.0
humid heat test 
(85℃/85%RH, 1000h)
GB/T 2423.3-2006 peel strength of glass and film, N/cm >30
Yellowness index <2.0

1. The EVA film features a high light transmittance and an excellent degree of crosslinking.
2. These films are qualified with an outstanding ultra-violet resistance and thermal aging resistance.
3. The EVA films have an extremely low contraction percentage and strong adhesive performance.

Storage Condition:
Our products should be stored in a cool, dry location, with a period of validity being 6 months from the production date. Materials inside the packaging should be used within 48 hours from the moment the package is opened. The unused amount should remain in the original package or a similar package.

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