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Form Fill Seal Film

The form fill seal film is produced using a three layer extrusion blow molding process that features a high tensile strength, peeling strength, easy heat seal, anti-dropping, stacking ability and moisture resistance. These PET films also feature a great printing performance that meets all requirements for four color printing in different proportions on both sides of the film.

The form fill seal film is primarily used for packing bags for multiple materials, including groceries, chemical fertilizer, fodder, rice, grain, and other products. This saves on high investments costs needed for high speed package lines. Our form fill seal films all meet IEC and GB standards.

Size parameter:
Standard capacity is 25kg, though customized options are available.

Product features:
1. The form fill seal film uses a 3 layer extrusion blow molding as well as advanced manufacturing processes and formulas in order to carry out high speed loading, product stacking and transportation on automatic packing lines. The tensile strength, opening, heat sealing, friction, stiffness and drop resistant capacity of the film meets automatic packing requirements.

2. Our BOPET films are produced using specific manufacturing processes and formulas. The film will not soften or deform at high temperatures, nor will it become brittle and fracture under cold temperatures. It is also UV resistant and features a great color stability. This film can also double the storage time compared to plastic woven bags.

3. The form fill seal film has a superior performance for sealing, moisture resistance, water resistance, and molding, meaning it can be stored in an open field and still protect the interior product against melting, lumping, or anything else that results in loss of quality and value.

4. Our form fill seal films can be used in the high speed packing machines with a capacity reaching more than 1800 bags per hour. The packing speed of our film is 3 to 5 times faster than that of traditional plastic woven bags, and reduces the number of operators needed by 75%, which saves on packing costs.

5. Our BOPET films are gradually thinning while increasing the tensile strength with the application of new materials.

6. The PET film uses new materials such as LLDPE, LDPE and HDPE and high quality additive to ensure the quality and reliability of the product. This film is also recyclable, meeting customer needs for environmental protection.

7. The form fill seal film can save on storage space by stacking higher and neater, which in turns reduces packing and storage costs.

The production field of our form fill seal film:
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