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Agricultural Film

DDN's agricultural films are known for their ability to ensure and increase a greater agricultural output while enhancing the crop quality. We offer a variety of different types, including a light conversion co-extruded agricultural film, fog-resistant agricultural film, and thermal insulated multifunctional agricultural film. Each film is soft, transparent, non-toxic and odorless. They are designed to preserve moisture and fertility of the planted area, as well as maintain a stable ground temperature, all of which are key factors for reducing crop disease and improving crop yield. Common applications include usage for the growth of grain and cash crops. To better serve customers, the thickness, width, transparency and color of the film can all be customized to meet customer requirements.

1. Light conversion co-extruded agricultural films

The co-extruded agricultural film is known for its long service life, anti-fogging, thermal insulation, excellent light transmittance and aging resistance.

2. Fog resistant agricultural films
The anti-fog agricultural film is fog resistance, and features a high light transmittance, long service life, excellent thermal insulation and outstanding anti-bacteria characteristics.

3. Thermal insulated multifunctional agricultural films
The multifunctional agricultural film offers an excellent thermal insulation, aging resistance, anti-fogging, and disease prevention performance.

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