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China Zhejiang Southeast Group Corporation (DDN) is an enterprise whose focus lies in the production of outstanding, and economical plastic products. The company was originally founded in 1975 as a small manufacturing company and in the three decades since has grown into a production giant with four factories and over 2,200 employees. DDN owns two subsidiaries, WanXiang Science & Technology Co. (founded 2004) and Hangzhou Great Southeast Science & Technology Packing Co. (founded 2003). WanXiang specializes in the production of BOPP capacitor films, while Hangzhou Great Southeast Science & Technology Packing Co. focuses on the production of BOPET packaging films, form fill seal films, and agricultural films.

Manufacturing of BOPP Capacitor Film:
The advantage of high quality production equipment:

We manufacture BOPP capacitor films with a thickness of 6~25μm, BOPP high temperature films and many other similar products. Our BOPP films have a broad range of application in the production of capacitors. BOPP film is particularly useful in for frequency conversion conditioning capacitors, electric vehicle capacitors, solar energy capacitors, wind power capacitors, LED lighting capacitors, and many other new energy applications. We have been producing high quality BOPP capacitor films since the establishment of our company and we have established a state-level testing center to ensure thickness uniformity, winding properties, and other electrical parameters. The films are produced in a dust-free workshop with four automatic production lines with high quality equipment provided by German manufacturer Buckner.

Manufacturing BOPET Packaging Film:
The advantage of production equipment:

We have imported BOPET film production lines form Bruckner (Germany). These lines are used to manufacture all sorts of packaging films, including plain packaging film, heat seal film, transfer film, matte film, and adhesive film. We also operate three EVA adhesive film production lines from Italy that allow for an annual output of 10,000 tons. This film is often used as encapsulation film for solar cells.

Our Customers and Partners:

Customers of Roughness Surface BOPP Films:
Guilin Power Capacitor Co., Ltd.
Xi'an XD Power Capacitor Co., Ltd.
New Northeast Electric Group Power Capacitor Co., Ltd.
Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd.
Sun. king Power Electronics Group Limited.
Shangdong Taikai Group;
Shreem Electric Ltd.

Customers of Metallized BOPP Films:
Nistronics(Jiangxi) Co., Ltd.
Changzhou Changjie Technology Co., Ltd.
Guilin Power Capacitor Co., Ltd.
Xi'an XD Power Capacitor Co., Ltd.
Shengye Electric Co., Ltd.
Foshan Juhua Power Capacitor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Shine Electrical Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Fengming Electronic Tech Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Eagtop Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Shreem Electric Ltd.

Ningbo Great Southeast Wan-Xiang Science & Technology Co,.Ltd.

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Ningbo Great Southeast Wan-Xiang Science & Technology Co,.Ltd.