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Testing Equipment

Dielectric loss factor (non-contact electrode method) and relative permittivity
Testing items

Name: Dielectric loss and bridge
Specification: QS40A
Manufacturer: Mudanjiang Electrical Measuring Factory
Measuring Range: tanδ: 1.0×10-5~1.0
Cx: 9.0pF~10000pF
Precision: Tanδ=±0.5%±2×10-5

Name: Non-contact electrode
Specification: NCED38-02
Manufacturer: Xi'an Kai Er Electromachanical Measuring Range: <1.0mm
Precision: ±5um

Element method testing

Name: The voltage resistance tester
Specification: CDI-20
Manufacturer: Guilin Li Yuan Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd Measuring Range: 20KV
Precision: 1.5%

Name: Surface roughness meter
Specification: M1
Manufacturer: Mahr, Germany
Measuring Range: 0.1-2um
Precision: 0.008 um

Dielectric strength (50 points method)

Name: Dielectric strength tester
Specification: HoDuPru 4503
Manufacturer: Kurt lindenblatt
Measuring Range: 0-20000V
Tensile Strength, Elongation at break and elasticity modulus

Name: Tensile tester
Specification: Z010
Manufacturer: Zwick / Roell
Measuring Range:
Max Load: 20 kN, 2.5 kN
Range of measuring speed: 0.0005~1000 mm/min
Range of stretch meter: 10~1000 mm

Name: Electrical weak point tester
Specification: FWT800
Manufacturer: Guilin Li Yuan Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd Measuring Range:0.6-8.6kv
Precision: 20v
Volume Resistivity

Name: Megger
Specification: ZC36
Manufacturer: Shanghai Diliu Electricity Factory. Measuring Range: 1×106~1×1017Ω
Precision: < 0.6%
Besides, we also have

  • Haze Tester
  • Metallographic Examination Instrument

Summary of Our Testing Equipment:
Testing Equipment Quantity Purchasing time Country of Origin Inspecting Items Precision
thickness gauge 1 2005 Germany thickness 0.01u
thickness gauge 1 2012 Germany thickness 0.01u
Tensile tester 1 2005 Germany tensile strength /
Tensile tester 1 2012 Germany tensile strength /
dielectric strength tester 1 2005 Germany dielectric strength /
dielectric strength tester 1 2012 Germany dielectric strength /
Surface Roughness meter 2 2008 Germany Surface Roughness
Dielectric loss and electrical bridge 1 2008 Mudanjiang of China
dielectric breakdown strength tester 1 2008 Germany
Haze tester 1 2012 Shanghai of China
electrical weak point tester 2 2008 Guilin of China
Megger 1 2008 Shanghai of China
non-contact electrode 1 2008 Xi'an of China

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